We strive to reduce the footprint of Global Compact +15 Europe as much as possible. To achieve this, we’ve addressed important sustainability issues. GC+15 Europe will …

  • … be paperless; all participants, exhibitors and partners are requested to use only an absolute minimum of paper. High-speed WiFi will be provided at the venue to access the agenda, speakers‘ details and further information.
  • … compensate conference related GHG emissions (see graph below).
  • … abstain from throwing give-aways at participants and use only certified products as a “Thank you” for speakers and moderators.
  • … serve primarily organic food and beverages as well as tap water and adjust the amount of food served to reduce food waste.
  • … recommend accommodation near the venue and the use of public transport.
  • … use re-usable decoration (e.g. potted plants).
  • … upcycle the banners and stage decoration for further use.